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Music in the Mountains of Haiti

Music in the Mountains of Haiti

While Anna, a violinist herself, didn’t know when she’d return to Haiti next. She was also concerned with the logistics of gathering and transporting a bunch of instruments, but Pastor Isaac’s dream took hold in her own heart.
Fast forward a year, as Anna finished her final exams, she began to revisit Marmalade’s orchestra dream. She turned to Facebook to get the word out, asking for any smaller sized instruments.

“More people than expected posted comments and sent messages letting us know about possible instruments,” Anna said. “After communicating with these potential donors, we ended up with two families who donated a total of five violins! We were blown away by their generosity and this answer to prayer.”

On June 2, 2018, five violins and one viola made their way safely down to Haiti with Anna and the team.
Faces lit up as they arrived at Marmalade and shared the news about the instruments.
“When the violin teacher arrived, my mom and I presented the violins and viola to him and to Pastor Isaac as a gift from our group and the families who donated them. Both Pastor Isaac and the teacher received them with so much joy!”
Two young men from Marmalade were standing off to the side, ready with their instruments, as well as a music book and stand. They were clearly eager to perform and asked Anna to join.

“We played traditional wedding songs for our group and all the kids at Marmalade. They played so well!”

After their impromptu concert concluded, Pastor Isaac took Anna’s mom aside and told her this story:

“Just a month before, the kids there were begging Pastor Isaac for more violins. He was able to get them just two more, then told them, ‘If God wants you to have more violins, He’ll provide!’ So having our group arrive with violins was not only an answer to Pastor Isaac’s prayers, but it also gave the kids a chance to see God provide — right before their eyes!”

Anna has faith that, one day, the mountains of Marmalade, Haiti, will be filled with the music of a children’s orchestra.

“We know others are supporting Marmalade and Pastor Isaac’s vision for an orchestra too. We believe one day we will attend the first concert of the “Marmalade Symphony Orchestra” and all who attend will be moved, and God will get the glory! Music in the mountains of Marmalade, Haiti —with God, all things are possible!”

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