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Music in the Mountains of Haiti

Music in the Mountains of Haiti When guests decide to go on a trip with us, they occasionally express anxiety about communicating and connecting in a place and culture unfamiliar to them. When Anna from Overland Park, Kan., traveled to Haiti with us in May 2017, she never anticipated how a shared passion would lead to friendships and a beautiful story just one year later. Anna, along with family and friends, accompanied us on a visit to our local church partners in Marmalade, Haiti. On this trip, Pastor Isaac shared his vision to one day have an orchestra among the children who…

We’re Changing Lives!

Thank you!! You’ve helped transform the lives of 25 more orphans in Haiti! Proceeds from the June “Freedom Calls” concert and other fundraising efforts allowed $4500 to be sent to the GO Project. 25 kids will get a school uniform, education, a chance to learn more about Jesus, and a meal each day. All for just $180 per child per year…not much money by U.S. standards, but in Haiti, it’s a life changer. A “180” turnaround for them and hope for their future. The attached picture is of the school in Marmalade, Haiti that previous funds from this project have…

125 Kids Going to School

125 kids in Gonaives, Haiti GET to go to school this fall!! Since the release of my 2nd CD in March, many of you have donated to help make this happen–thank you! It only takes $180 to send one child to school for a year. During my college years I hope to send MANY more kids to school…please join me in helping kids in Haiti “do a 180!” ($180 can change their lives!) P.S. Any size donation is greatly appreciated. 🙂

The Orphanage is Done!

The orphanage in Philadelphia (Gonaives) YOU helped build is complete! The school in Marmalade is now under construction so hope to share pictures soon. All future funds raised from my project will send Haitian children to school. Every $180 = 1 child’s school expenses for 1 year!! I love that the heart is a theme in my CD projects and I love that the builders of the orphanage included hearts in the concrete without even knowing the meaning! God does so many cool things like that!!    

Orphan Sunday

  Today is Orphan Sunday! I had the chance to speak at my church and give an update on my passion for serving orphans. I thought this would be a great day to share a picture of the completed orphanage YOU helped build! It will house 16 orphan boys and I met some of them last May. It is in the Philadelphia Orphan Village in Gonaives, Haiti. This village has a school, several orphanages, dining pavilion, and a church led by Pastor Pudens. In addition to this orphanage, $25,000 of the funds raised was sent to care for orphans after…