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There are many great needs in Haiti, but the one I’ve chosen to focus my efforts on currently is helping send children to school.

In Haiti, 53% of the population is illiterate. For every 100 children, 40 will never go to school. And only 2/3 of those who do go will actually complete primary school. The required school uniform and fees are most often the roadblock to getting an education.

Here’s the good news! It only costs $180 to send a Haitian child to school for one year. That $180 helps these children “do a 180,” since it can change the trajectory of their lives. We will accept donations of any amount and 100% will go toward this cause through the Global Orphan Project.

You are welcome to get creative with this too! Find a group of people–your family or people at school, church, or work–to pitch in together to send 1, 2, or 10 children to school.

Your gift will help educate children, enrich a community, empower a generation, and change their world…and yours!